The Valeo® PS Pedicle Screw System uniquely addresses the challenges of posterior fixation by providing the surgeon with both options and flexibility to secure difficult operative disks. The system features a low profile, offset design to minimize soft tissue interference and palpable screw head problems common to traditional tulip-style systems. As well, the offset feature is designed to enhance lateral stability, enable the surgeon to place the connector heads laterally or medially, and help to secure graft material at the operative site.

The Valeo PS System’s most advantageous feature, however, is its modular insertion technique. The surgeon first places a low volume, ball-headed screw, which increases options for distraction and provides for greater visibility and more thorough decortication. The connector's chamfered jaw makes it easy to insert the rod, even with a high degree of rod contouring, and, using the provisional lock, secure the assembly and make final adjustments before locking pieces in place with the integrated set screw.