The Javelin MIS Locking Facet System is the first and only transfacet pedicular screw system with a unique, locking interface between the screw and washer. This design allows the implant to be locked into the facet joint preventing screw back out. The system can be used in an open or percutaneous procedure, providing great flexibility for the surgeon.

Catalog # Description Size
60-5003-725 Javelin Facet Screw 25 mm (aqua)
60-5003-730 Javelin Facet Screw 33 mm (gold)
60-5003-735 Javelin Facet Screw 36 mm (blue)
60-5003-740 Javelin Facet Screw 39 mm (green)
60-5003-745 Javelin Facet Screw 42 mm (purple)
60-5000-552 Javelin Washer