The FacetGun Max Facet Fixation System is a type of posterior fixation that allows surgeons to create a rigid posterior construct in a fraction of the operative time required by conventional devices. It consists of two parts, the FacetGun Max, and FacetBolt®.

FacetBolt is the first locking facet implant that has a proximal and distal washer that firmly locks a bolt in the facet joint. The washers compress and hold the facet joint securely and indefinitely, thanks to an integrated locking mechanism which prevents postoperative loosening and back out. Featuring titanium construction and a solid 4mm core diameter, the Bolt provides stiffness and strength equivalent to conventional devices like pedicle screws.

The FacetGun Max, is an all-in-one instrument that allows you to do everything necessary to lock the facet joint in two simple steps. Simply squeeze the trigger of the gun to target and compress the facet, then, drive the bolt through the joint with a few turns of the handle at the back of the gun. What can typically take hours takes just minutes with the FacetGun Max System.

Catalog # Description Size
60-5001-030 Facet Bolt 30 mm (blue)
60-5001-033 Facet Bolt 33 mm (bronze)
60-5001-036 Facet Bolt 36 mm (green)
60-5001-039 Facet Bolt 39 mm (magenta)
60-5001-042 Facet Bolt 42 mm (gold)
60-7000-151 Cassette Bridge, Proximal & Distal Washer (Non-sterile)