Degenerative Disc Disease
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Degenerative Disc Disease

The breaking down of one or more discs of the spine, often called "degenerative disc disease" (DDD) is a condition that can be painful and can greatly affect the quality of one's life. While disc degeneration is a normal part of aging and for most people is not a problem, for certain individuals a degenerated disc can cause severe constant chronic pain.

With degenerative disc disease, chronic low back pain sometimes travels to the hips, or there is pain in the buttocks or thighs while walking; tingling or weakness through the knees may also be evident. Similar pain may be felt or may increase while sitting, bending, lifting, and twisting. Chronic neck pain can also come from the cervical spine, with pain radiating to the head, shoulders, arms and hands.

AMEDICA products used to treat degenerative disc disease include:

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